The adorini brand has become internationally respected for the production of some of the finest cigar humidors. The company was founded back in 1999 by Felix Spohn and Dr. Daniel Spohn and since then it has grown to one of the worldwide leading humidor brands. adorini humidors combine the most sophisticated components, highest quality materials, and innovative constructional design.

Product Philosophy

Throughout the years the product philosophy of adorini was focused on making the highest quality products available at fair prices, while continuously seeking for innovations in the optimization of product functionality and product design. This product philosophy has been well received by the market. As cigar smokers become increasingly knowledgeable they demand superior product quality beyond the one offered by anonymous mass producers and they evaluate carefully whether the higher cost of brand products is justified by superior quality. In these terms adorini is committed to offer the best value on the market to the cigar aficionado.


The new generation of adorini humidors sets a new state of the art in the humidor market. Innovations such as ventilation ribs (“RibTech”) in the humidor case and in the trays ensure improved air circulation. An innovative divider system permits flexible separation of the humidor to make perfect use of the space. The adorini deluxe humidification system, based on a new kind of acryl developed in aerospace research, is included in all adorini Deluxe humidors. This system ensures a more accurate, stable and easy to maintain humidification. Other examples of innovations comprise the pre-calibrated high precision hair hygrometer, optimized for cigar storage, divider label clips for more attractive presentation of cigars and the future-proof compatibility with new generation electronic humidification systems such as the adorini LV humidifier. Educating clients about humidors and the correct storage of cigars has been a major objective of the adorini corporate communication. The “adorini Humidor Guide” booklet which is shipped together with each adorini humidor goes far beyond the content of a simple usage guide. The booklet provides in-depth information on the topics of humidor construction, humidor preparation and cigar storage.

Quality and Craftsmanship

adorini Deluxe humidors have an extra-strong humidor corpus and apply an extra-strong Spanish cedar veneer of over 21mm which in this strength is only found in some of the finest humidors on the market. The humidor lid is supported by a solid hand-polished quadrant hinge of 24K gold plating. Moreover, the applied production technology ensures minimum variations and common quality standards in the preparation of the applied woods. Skilled craftsmen, specialized in the construction of humidors take care of the assembly, the individual fine adjustment and the painting process in which up to 20 individual layers of lacquer will be applied. Hours of manual labor are involved in the production of each adorini humidor in order to reach the highest quality standards. Finally, all adorini humidors undergo a thorough quality control prior to shipment. Due to the confidence in the premium quality of our products, adorini has been the first humidor brand to offer a life-time warranty on all its humidors.

Product Portfolio

The range of products on offer includes humidors in modern and classic designs, fully electronically controlled cabinet humidors up to an innovative modular “walk-in humidor” system and a wide variety of cigar accessories. Moreover customized humidors have been developed and produced for several multinational companies.


Innovation and excellence in distribution have always been considered critical for fulfilling clients’ needs. The majority of sales with both distribution partners and end customers is already received in electronic form. The company’s website is available in nine languages and a multilingual team with native speakers from nine different countries provides advice to our clients and handles the orders to our global customer base. All clients receive upon shipment automatically a notification email with a code which allows tracking the exact location of their package from shipment to delivery. Orders are processed within 24 hours and generally reach customers in most European and North American destinations within 48 hours of shipment. Over 400 distribution partners in 37 countries ensure a global presence of the adorini products in tobacco and luxury gift stores around the globe.